Terms & Conditions

Read all the terms and conditions before ordering.

Products shown on our website are for indicative purposes only. We try our best to match the actual delivery with the pictures shown

If ordered flowers,cake,fruits,sweets are not available in the desired city, we shall deliver available best quality flowers,cake,fruits,sweets of equal value

In case of flowers, cakes, fruits & sweets (all being perishable items) if the receiver or any representative is not available at the time of delivery, the order shall be considered as delivered. In such cases, no claim for refund or redeliver will not encourage 

In case of courier items, if no one available at the shipping address at the time of delivery, the order will be considered as delivered. No demand for refund will be considered in such cases

We are re selling the branded items (we are re sellers) 

The Delivery Confirmation will be sent through email and in no case can it be treated as proof of time of delivery. Confirmation emails or messages might be sent a few hours after the actual delivery.

If the area of delivery is outside the city or above 20kms from the delivery point, extra charges are liable. 

If you get faulty product , make sure you have the picture of that product ,  In case of food items you should send the picture to mail id immediately otherwise no refund can be claimed.

If the customer try to make fraud , he or she will be punished under certain laws , and be given fine by the concerned service as customer try to destroy the fame and name of the company.