F.A.Q's About online cake delivery

                                                                   F.A.Q'S about Ordering cakes online - 99deliverypoints

1. Is same day cake delivery possible in 99deliverypoints - online cake delivery site?

A).  Yes, same day cakes delivery available in 99deliverypoints. But you have to place the order between 8am to 6pm.  Cake will be delivered with in the time depends on the location of delivery and the distance.

2. Is midnight cake delivery and early morning cake delivery available?

A). Yes , available but before placing the order please once contact customer care or leave a message. This is because in some remote areas, hilly regions, long distances its not possible, and also if there is any kind of whether situations its not possible.

3. Is pre cake order available in 99deliverypoints?

A). Yes, its available. Pre order means booking your preferred cake before the delivery date, its because to avoid last minute hurry.

4. Is there any extra delivery charges ?

A). With in 15km range, there will be no delivery charges. Above 15kms range there will be delivery charges depends on the distance, we mean with in city limits cake delivery will be free, and outside the city limits there will be some extra delivery charges. Before placing the order please once contact the customer support and check with your pincode.

5. Will i get the same cake exactly like in Image?

A). We will try to give you the same design with 90 percent accuracy.

6. What is your refund policy?

A). Only you will get refund on damaged products , decision will be finalized by listening the both sides conversations. If we find anyone trying to fraud , proper action will be taken by laws. In some cases replacement will be provided without refund.

7. Is foreign cards accepted?

A). Yes, you can pay through paypal checkout.

8. Can i change the cake order before it gets delivered?

A). You can only replace the cake before order gets processed. No refund will be given once order gets processed. 

9.Is call and order available?

A). Yes , cake images , costs, and payment link will be sent to the customers mobile number, there you can select and pay through payment link.

10. Can i send customized cakes?

A). Yes, you can send the cake images you wanted us to deliver , then you will get the prices for your desired cake images you sent. If you accept our price, then you will get payment link. After the payment order will be processed.